VAT Refund in Thailand

If you buy goods in Thailand of more than 5.000 Baht, you have the possibility to have your VAT refunded when you return home. Taxes in Thailand are usually 7%.
For a larger purchase it is worth considering to get the taxes refunded.
The tax refund can be obtained in cash directly at the airport. Thus persons with up to 30.000 Baht more in the luggage can start the journey home. Higher amounts will be handed over by cheque or bank transfer.

In this article we will explain how this works and what you need to bear in mind.

How to get your VAT refund as a tourist in Thailand

So we assume you are a tourist in Thailand and are planning a major purchase, for example a new mobile phone.
As with us in Germany, you pay VAT on all kinds of items. These amount to in Thailand not 19% as with us, but only 7%.
If you now want to refund the taxes on your new mobile phone, you must ask in the shop for the
"VAT Refund Application for Tourist" -  form. In this form all data of the invoice, as well as your personal data are entered. For this you need a passport, so don't forget.

This form looks like this (May 2019)

This form must be stamped at the airport you are leaving Thailand with. All this before you pass the immigration.
After the immigration you search the VAT Refund Tourist Office. At this office you will get the VAT back.

VAT Refund Summary

  1. You already need your passport in the shop
  2. Ask for the VAT Refund Application four Tourist in your shop and have it filled out.
  3. Have the airport stamped at departure - before immigration
  4. Search for Immigratio at VAT Refund Tourist Office. Taxes are refunded here.