travel insurance thailand

Not only for the vacation in Thailand a travel insurance make sense, also is indispensable for a long-term stay in Thailand, just because these aren't expensive. It has a very good medical care on Koh Samui. The Bangkok hospital counts to one of the best hospitals in the world. A surgeon from Germany has told me, which prosperous people fly only on Koh Samui to let be himself treated in this hospital. A good support, very fast and competent doctors. Should it happen something to you on Koh Samui, I can recommend you the Bangkok hospital.

a small experience report

Also I had to visit unfortunately, this hospital. I was impressed. The diagnosis in my visit of the Bangkok hospital: Thumbs broken, twice. A small scooter accident. Had to evate a street dog, then I slipped and fall down. A classical tourist accident at my first Thailand visit. I felt in very good hands in this hospital. The whole procedure lasted 20 minutes.

First some standard test: Circulation, blood glucose etc.

Afterwards briefly wait for the sister who has brought me to the X-ray examination.

Renewed short waiting for the doctor. I got first of all a mineral water and the Wifi password to expel 5-minute waiting.

Then as last the doctor came to me and explained the diagnosis and the options I have. Everything took 20 Minutes.

important to know

Because you must pay in the hospitals always yourselves, a travel insurance makes sense. At the end of every treatment, you must pay first of all yourselves. In addition you become the bill of the hospitals which you should keep. Back in the UK you can submit the bill to your foreign health insurance and get the costs refunded. The foreign health insurances is not expensive. Besides, you have the possibility to conclude the assurance online.

most important shortly

  • Very good medical care on Koh Samui
  • At the end of every treatment you have to pay in advance
  • All vouchers and bills you have to keep well and back in the UK you submit for a restitution at your travel insurance

you don`t have a travel insurance?

No concern, a travel insurance for the duration of your vacation is not really expensive. Also you can conclude the travel insurance completely comfortably Online. Then naturally your insurance is valid not only for Thailand, but everywhere abroad.