Muay Thai Koh Samui

Punch It Gym

What distinguishes the Punch It Gym from the other Gyms, is the kind and whiteness like the training programmes will form. It places on a high standard concerning customer care, equipment and cleanness.

Also the Thai trainers at the PunchIt Gym, work on a very high technical level.

The Gym is equipped by the brand Punch It, which has her home in Switzerland. The products are developed for the Swiss company on site and are tested extensively. The big advantage, is the German-speaking support.


Costs Punch It Gym (source homepage)

Group training: 400 Baht

Private training: 1000 Baht / hour


Owner: Markus, from Switzerland



muay thai koh samui

Jackie muay thay gym

Jackie Muay Thai Gym is in Chaweng. It is a small Muay Thai Gym. The owner, Jackie, as well as two trainers advice and run, are all old Lumpini champions.

The Gym lays a lot worth on technical level. Because they never are many students around, the trainers have a lot of time to look at the students.


Costs Jackie Muay Thai Gym (source homepage)

Group training: 400 Baht


Owner: Jackie from Thailand


deeday muay thai

muay thai koh samui dee day muay thai

Dee Day Muay Thai is in Chaweng in a nice corner. The Gym opened for the first time in 2018. The Owner of the Gym is DeeDay. Google Maps map is not right completely. The Gym is about 200 m farther.
Prices of the training:

  • 1 Day two times Training = 500 Baht
  • 1 Day one time Training = 300 Baht
  • 1 Week two times Training = 2.000 Baht
  • 1 Week one time Training = 1.500 Baht
  • 1 Month two times Training = 7.000 Baht
  • 1 Month one time Training = 4.500 Baht

jun muay thai camp lamai

Jun Muay Thai is also located in Lamai. The owner of the Gyms is called as the name already says, "Jun".

A friendly and nice guy.

The training in Jun Muay Thai is hard. First running, then jumping rope, sparring, hard Pad Work, clinching and at the end strenght training. After a unity you die.


Costs Jun Muay Thai (source homepage)

Group training: 300 Baht

Private lessons: 700 Baht / hour


Owner: Jun from Thailand


wmc lamai muay thai camp

The WMC Gym is absolutely one of the best known Muay Thai Gyms on Koh Samui.

Above all it was one of the first gym in koh samui and to itself made a Name about the years.


Many known fight sportsmen have started here. Unfortunately, many of the world-renowned trainers have also jumped off about the years, however, is still a good address.


Above all for professional fighters, those the WMC Gym can provide good and high-carat fights.

Furthermore the Lamai fitness is here also, where you can train crossfit and strenght train.


Costs Lamai Muay Thai camp - WMC (source homepage)

Group training: 300 Baht

Private lessons: 800 Baht / hour



muay thai koh samui wmc lamai muay thai

samui super pro

The SamuiSuperPro gym is in Chaweng.

Beside Muay Thai, you can train here also MMA. As far as the only Gym on the island while MMA is coached.

Sometimes top stars visit the gym. At our last visit, we have met Alistair Overreem.

In addition, the SuperPro is equipped in Samui with a gigantic fitness studio and offers yoga and crossfit.



pynio muay thai gym lamai

The Wech Pinyo Muay Thai Gym is one of the oldest gym on Koh Samui.

Here a lot of value is also placed of technical training. Also by Pynio the gym is well visited and you will see students from the beginner to the professional fighter.


Costs Wech Pynio Muay Thai (source homepage)


Private lessons: 800 Baht / hour



saman muay thai gym

The Saman Muay Thai Gym is in Lamai and is a very small Gym.

It is one of the most favourable Gyms on Koh Samui. A very familäry Gym in which is sometimes eaten after the training all together.

saman muay thai koh samui

yodyut muay thai

The YodYut Muay Thai is one of the newest Gyms and opened his doors in 2015. It is a little bit outside, in the district of Bangrak. This is also a well visited Gym and also here you will met from the beginner to the professional fighter.


Costs YodYut Muay Thai (source homepage)


Group training: 400 Baht

Private lessons: 1000 Baht / hour