hotels in lamai

At this point, we show you where you can properly enjoy your Koh Samui vacation. You will find countless lodgings on Koh Samui, in every price range and for all needs.

From the easy bamboo bungalow, to the beach hotel, up to the luxurious villa.

The list of the lodgings is extended constantly.

Find the nicest hotels in Lamai. A small arrangement, with many pictures and infos, to the nicest lodgings in Lamai - Koh Samui.

Varinda Garden Resort

The Varinda Garden Resort distinguishes itself quite clearly, by the silence and the unique atmosphere.

Everything is painted very brightly. It is quiet here, the staff really nicely. To the beach five minutes to walk. We really never saw a Hotel like this around the world. This one is unique.

The arrangement is on a small mountain. Thereby it is pleasantly quiet and windy a little bit. The brightly painted ambience stings here immediately in the eye.


Here everything is furnished incredibly.

Besides, you have a nice view, a Viewpoint is nearby and a small swimming pool with a great view. One feels here like in another world.

Escape from the everyday stress in quite another manner.


Our recommendation: discover another world

Available on your Holiday? Check it now!

Lamai Inn99

There are really many hotels on the beach in Samui. What begins luxury are upwards no borders. All one question of the purse. So why the Lamai Inn99?

For us quite clearly the beach and the clean water. There there comes the central location.


The Lamai Inn99 offers comfortable rooms which lie on one of the nicest and cleanest beaches of the island.


Also the water is always clean at this point. If you want to live on the beach, would not like to renounce a certain standard, I can only recommend to you this.

Five minutes away from the Lamai Inn99, is the Ladyboxing and the food market in the evening. A central situation, far away from the noise and one of the nicest beaches before the front door.

My recommendation: luxurious beach vacation, with central location in Lamai

New Hut Bungalow

Ordinarily cost these bungalows 500 Baht per night. If you come to the low season you have luck and pay only 250 Baht per night. This is unfathomably favourable.

The bungalows lie directly on the beach, better said on the beach.

The bungalows is liked by backpacker Tourist, because there are cheap bungalows on the beach.

One does not have really a lot of place inside. They are still suitable for a small stopover very much. Sundowns, as well as in early tomorrow after the rising, can be particularly enjoyed here.

Small and Well.

Our recommendation: Backpacker bungalow on the beach, for little money

Lamai Wanta beach Resort

At the moment the Lamai Wanta Beach Resort is the only hotel on Lamai that has put a big net up against jellyfishes. One feels immediately save in the water. Also I have spent at my first Thailand trip some days in the Lamai Wanta and was impressed and contented. The big breakfast buffet and the Swimming pool, directly near the beach, have remained to me particularly in recollection.

Our recommendation: luxurious beach vacation

Crystal Bay Yacht Club

Crystal Bay Yacht club lies on the white sandy beach, the Silver Beach or also Crystal Bay Beach called.

The bright rooms with tiled floor and colorful accents dispose of free WLAN, cable television, a minifridge and a living-room furniture.

The continental breakfast is included in the price and is served to restaurant of the Resorts which also offers Asian gourmet's kitchen. To the other equipment belong a pool with panoramic look at the sea and a solar terrace. Massage applications as well as free snorkel equipment are available. Besides, the beach is friendly very much families, because the water becomes only after some metres deep.

My recommendation: luxurious beach vacation

the Coral Cove Chalet

Coral Cove Chalet lies directly with Coral Cove Beach.

This is one of the nicest and quietest beaches of Koh Samui. Who would like to spend restful and luxurious beach vacation on Koh Samui, for that this is the best address.

Here is very quiet and you will not find many people around.

Besides, Coral Cove Chalet lies in the middle between Lamai and Chaweng, therefore both districts are not far to be reached.

My recommendation: luxurious beach vacation

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