chaweng hotels

At this point, we show you where you can properly enjoy your Koh Samui vacation. You will find countless lodgings on Koh Samui, in every price range and for all needs.

From the easy bamboo bungalow, to the beach hotel, up to the luxurious villa.

The list of the lodgings is extended constantly.

Find the nicest Chaweng hotels. A small arrangement, with many pictures and infos, to the nicest lodgings in Chaweng - Koh Samui.

first bungalow beach resort

The First Bungalow Beach Resort is located in Chaweng on a very quiet beach. The rooms can be booked either on the "Pool side" or on the "Beach side".

A very big, quiet and cultivated hotel arrangement. The pool is very big and the beach is reached only about the hotel and is therefore very quiet.

Recommendation: Really nice room in close vicinity to the Chaweng party places, but still in a quiet location

Little  Jungle Resort

The Little Jungle Resort is in Chaweng, far away from chaos and noise. A small quiet corner, removes not far from the party mile and the Chaweng Beach.

The owner of the hotel is an Italian who has sat down three years ago in Chaweng. The small Resort disposes of a big pool.

The price power ratio tunes and who would like to spend his vacation in Chaweng, a little bit remotely from noise and party and, nevertheless, removes not far to the Partyhotspots, for that is absolutely the best choice.

Recommendation: Really nice room for a fantastic price.


Owner: Vincent, from Italy

the Coral Cove Chalet

Coral Cove Chalet lies directly with Coral Cove Beach. This is one of the nicest and quietest beaches of Koh Samui. Who would like to spend restful and luxurious beach vacation on Koh Samui, for that this is the best address. For me personally Coral Cove Beach, is the nicest on the whole island. My favorite beach.

Here is very quiet and you will not find many people around.

Besides, Coral Cove Chalet lies away in the middle between Lamai and Chaweng, therefore both districts are not far to be reached.

Recommendation: luxurious beach vacation

the combo beach hotel samui

The combo Beach hotel is a very big and cultivated hotel arrangement which is not far remotely from all important party spots in Chaweng. The Ark Bar is accessible about the beach by walking.

A big pool on a clean beach rounds the combo Beach hotel.

Recommendation: Nice hotel in close vicinity of the nightlife in Chaweng

Baan Samui Resort

The Baan Samui is furnished very colorfully.

A quiet beach resort with a big swimmingpool in the near of the beach.

With the Baan Samui is possible to book two separate bedrooms, which are connected by a door. Also available, big family rooms with several bedrooms.

The big pool is in immediate beach nearness.


Small Specially of the hotel, the higher situated table in beach nearness for a romantic dinner.

Recommendation: A unique and quiet ambience.

p chaweng guesthouse

The P Chaweng Guesthouse is nearby the ring Road of Chaweng.

Therefore the Guesthouse has lain very centrally. Everything is accessible on foot.

The Guesthouse is still in a quiet situation and one does not get from the night noise of the nightlife in Chaweng a lot.

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