Hotels Koh Samui

On Koh Samui you will find many hotels and villas. Find the best hotels on koh samui, for all needs, in the different districts of Koh Samuis partitioned.

A few infos about the different districts.

In Lamai it is quiet, but not to much. The beach is not flooded  completely as in Chaweng.

Here surrounds more a comfortable atmosphere. If you not wantet to make party every day and like to relax sometimes, Lamai is the right area.
Besides, Chaweng and Lamai are removed only 10-minute scooter journey of each other.

Chaweng is the party spot of Koh Samui. You will find everywhere bars, clubs, restaurant and parties.

Also In Chaweng you will find all Thaiboxing stadium.

Who is looking for action, Chaweng is the right area.

Maenam lies on the opposite side of Lamai, on the high street further to Chaweng.

Here it is quiet and not so busy. The beaches are wonderful and empty. If you want to take a rest and need calm and quiet, Maenam is your area.

Lucky Selection...

Sazana Villa Resort

Who looks on Koh Samui for absolute rest, here for that I have what the fitting. A villa Resort, remote in the jungle, with the highest standard, very luxuriously to furnished villas and good price power ratio. A rest like one you finds only seldom in this today's time.

Equipped with the highest standard like High speed Internet, King Size Bed, sitting room with nice bath. A kitchen as well as a sitting room and patio also belong to it, just as a television and a safe deposit.

A family-friendly villa Resort, surrounded by coconut palms and absolute silence, with luxurious standard.

The owner of this arrangement comes from England and speaks accordingly perfectly English.

Our recommendation: Luxury, in quiet location.


Owner: George, from England

maybe a villa?

Completed in 2016, Villa Melo offers amazing views, jungle surroundings, privacy and tranquility in the hills of Chaweng Noi.


Beautiful beaches, a great variety of restaurants and lovely shops are only minutes away. Villa Melo’s elevated location invites you to relax on the terrace, admire the breathtaking view, enjoy the gorgeous sunrises, cool breezes, and swim in the refreshing infinity pool!


Villa Melo consists of 2 individual villas. In addition each villa has three bedrooms and one shared fitness gym. The owner is from germany and speaks fluent german and english.

Varinda Garden Resort

The Varinda Garden Resort distinguishes itself quite clearly, by the silence and the unique atmosphere.

Everything is painted very brightly. It is quiet here, the staff really nicely. To the beach five minutes to walk. We really never saw a Hotel like this around the world. This one is unique.

The arrangement is on a small mountain. There by it is pleasantly quiet and windy a little bit. The brightly painted ambience stings here immediately in the eye. Here everything is furnished incredibly.

Besides, you have a nice view, a Viewpoint is nearby and a small swimming pool with a great view. One feels here like in another world.

Escape from the everyday stress in quite another manner.

Our recommendation: discover another world

Lamai Wanta Beach Resort

At the moment the Lamai Wanta Beach Resort is the only hotel on Lamai that has put a big net up against jellyfishes. One feels immediately save in the water. Also I have spent at my first Thailand trip some days in the Lamai Wanta and was impressed and contented. The big breakfast buffet and the Swimming pool, directly near the beach, have remained to me particularly in recollection.


Our recommendation: luxurious beach vacation

nothing suitable for you?