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The Samui Fitness Gym used to be here, but it was sold. Now Coach Mike operates a new Crossfit Gym from this location with brand new equipment. He offers several classes daily in which you can also just drop in to get the taste of it. There are also Bootcamp and Strength classes every day - always with a coach present. The community in this gym is very mixed between Thais and Farangs. A lot of locals frequent this gym and it's a very welcoming group of people.

You can get more information about the gym from Instagram or also at their website at
The gym also runs samui fitness vacations, which you can discover at

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sky gym koh samui

Special in the Sky Gym is the view. Since the Gym is on the uppermost floor of a building. From here, one has a nice view of the sea. Also up here, there blows some fresh wind.

The Sky Gym has open from Monday till Saturday from 7:00 to 21:00, and on Sunday from 8:00 to 18:00 o'clock.


Here the price list

1 day = 250 Baht

1 week = 1,000 Baht

1 month = 2,500 Baht

2 months = 4,000 Baht

3 months = 5,400 Baht

6 months = 9,000 Baht

1 year = 12,000 Baht

small secret tip..

On the high street there is a Taekwondo Gym. Beside this Taekwondo school there is a small street. This leads you to the Gym. The training in this Gym costs you only 70 Baht per day. It is not the newest Gym, but still well equipped.

ultra bodies gym

fitness koh samui
Fitness Lamai Koh Samui
Fitness Lamai Koh Samui
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Fitness Lamai Koh Samui

The ultra Bodies Gym is a closed Gym. Here you train with air-conditioning. The Gym has open from 8 o'clock in the morning to 21 o'clock in the evening.


Here the prices

1 day = 170 Baht

1 week = 900 Baht

1 month = 1.700 Baht

3 months = 4.500 Baht

6 months = 8.000 Baht

worlds gym

fitness koh samui

The World `s Gym is also a closed Gym with air-conditioning.

This Gym opens his doors from 8 o'clock in the morning to 22 o'clock in the evening. Here they have a 10 time training card.


The prices are enclosed here

1 day = 150 Baht

1 week = 600 Baht

2 weeks = 900 Baht

3 weeks = 1,000 Baht

1 month = 1,300 Baht

3 months = 3,000 Baht

6 months = 5,000 Baht

1 year = 9,000 Baht

10 time training = 1,000 Baht

super muscles

Super Muscles Gym

This is a quite new Gym. Open his doors in 2016. Also here there is the possibility of the 10 time training card.


Here the price list

1 day = 250 Baht

1 week = 1,200 Baht

1 month = 2,000 Baht

3 months = 5,000 Baht

6 months = 8,200 Baht

1 year = 15,000 Baht

10 time training = 1,600 Baht

o2k fitness

Fitness Koh Samui o2k

The O2K fitness is in Maenam. An absolute top Gym what concerns the price-performance ratio. All devices are quite new.

Besides, the Gym is equipped very very well and has everything what the fitness heart makes be beating. Everything is very clean and here personnel trainers also work, if you should need one.


Here the prices

1 day = 100 Baht

10 days = 800 Baht

1 month = 1,500 Baht

3 months = 3,500 Baht

6 months = 6,000 Baht

1 year = 10,000 Baht

star gym

star gym chaweng

The star Gym is in Chaweng, directly about the Night Market. The Gym has opened his doors in 2017. Beside fitness, you also have the possibility private Muay Thai lessons. An open, small nice Gym.


Here the prices

1 day = 200 Baht

1 week = 890-baht

1 month = 1,350 Baht

3 months = 4,490 Baht

6 months = 7,950-baht

1 year = 14,950 Baht


The Muay Thai training with a private trainer costs

1 hour = 800 Baht

1 week = 4,900 Baht

10th map = 6,900 Baht