cheapest flight to thailand

The costs for a flight to Thailand depend on several factors. On this side we go through step by step the most important factors which have effects on the flight price to Thailand.

1. the cheapest month to fly to thailand

An important factor is the journey time. You which is distinguished in Thailand between three Seasons should know.


Peak Season

This are the most expensive Season. The Peak Season lasts scarcely a little bit more than two weeks and is about Christmas and New Year. For example, one night in a hotel can be about 600 Baht more expensive in the Peak Season than in the Low Season.

The Peak Season is from the 21st of December to the 10th of January.


High Season

In the High Season the overnight prices differ about approximately 300 Baht. The same room costs in the High Season 300 Baht less.

The High Season are a total of 5 months, distributed about the year in which the High Season are valid.

High Season is from the 11th of January to the 30th of April and from the 15th of July to the 31st of August.


Low Season

These are the most favourable Season. In the Low Season is the island is a little bit quieter. It is not overrun, as for example about Christmas.

Low Season is from the 01st of May to the 14th of July and from the 01st of September to the 20th of December.


Therefore the flight prices to Thailand in December are the most expensive.

The best flight month are May and June.

2. the cheapest airport to fly to thailand

The second important factor is the destination in Thailand.

A flight from the UK to Koh Samui is clearly expensive like a flight from UK to Bangkok. According to experience, the cheapest airport to fly to thailand is Bangkok and Phuket.

cheapest fly to thailand

3. the cheapest day to fly to thailand

The third factor are the weekdays.

According to Opodo the best days to booked a flight is around the days Thursday and Sunday, according to Swoodo the most favourable days are Saturday and Sunday, although the references should be enjoyed carefully.

It does not damage with certainty to compare the flights during the week. Important is also the day of departure and arrival.

4. booking time

Another factor, with certainty is no more secret, is to be booked as early as possible.

For a flight to Thailand it is advisable to book before up to 25 weeks.

cheapest fly to thailand

How long does a flight take to Thailand?

The distance amounts from England, London to Thailand, Bangkok is 9.534 km.

The average flying time amounts 12 hours and 40 minutes.